Move beyond
the platforms of yesterday.

franki is the new video experience
app – changing the way you market
your business and build your 

Video-powered Experiences

It’s more than a review. Unlike Yelp and other text-based review sites, franki relies on real customers sharing their experience through video. People’s attention spans have changed. They don’t want to read reviews anymore. On franki, they can watch them. Your potential customers will see exciting, engaging content that highlights your business. It’s a first-hand experience people can trust. Get started with franki by claiming your business here.

Customers Become Advocates

Traditionally, you market your business to get customers. With franki, your loyal customers become your marketing team. franki is a new and exciting social media platform where passionate creators can build a following by creating content that highlights the things they love. Which in turn gives you valuable and transparent content, direct from an engaged community.

GiGs: A Risk-Free Promotion

For both you and your potential customers. GiGs allow you to offer rewards for the content you need, whether it be honest reviews or engaging marketing content. That reward then gives hesitant customers a risk-free way of trying your business. And the best part – you don’t spend a dime until the customer comes in. It’s marketing dollars that get put right back into your business. Learn more about GiGs here.

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