The franki
Locals Fund

Who are the franki Locals?

The franki Locals are a passionate community who share their experiences to encourage others in their own exploration. Highlighting amazing, can’t-miss local businesses so that others can support them too. Our franki Locals inspire anyone, anywhere, to explore confidently and eat, drink, and play like a local by revolutionizing the way people discover and decide.

Franki Locals KTOWN

What is the franki Locals Fund?

The Fund was built to support people who share their experiences through video. Because franki isn’t just a way to decide where to eat, drink, or play – it’s a community of local foodies and explorers around the country that anyone can turn to when they want to live like a local. Our franki Locals support their community, so we want to support them.

How does it work?

Our Fund gives passionate and creative locals the opportunity to get rewarded monthly for making helpful content and community building on franki. Helpful content is defined as a video which assists a user in answering the question, “Do I want to go here?” This can be done via voiceover, through text on screen, or in the caption of the video itself.

Every video should also contain the following elements:

– Runtime of at least 10 seconds
– At least one clear, focused shot of the food or activity
– No still photos or boomerangs, all shots must be video

Once selected to be a part of the franki Locals Fund, members are rewarded for:

Each helpful video posted

Engagement their content drives (e.g. likes, comments, and
shares) and followers gained

Each response to a recommendation request through Ask a Local

Each new user invited through their invite friends link that installs the app and creates a franki account (one account per person)

Want to join our franki Locals Fund?

The franki Locals fund is currently by application only, and is limited to users within the United States who have met the minimum requirements outlined below:

1. Have
downloaded the app
and created a franki profile
2. Have filled out their profile
(name, franki username, and email address)
3. Have posted 1 helpful video
review of a local business

Once you have met these requirements, you may submit to the fund in-app by visiting the ‘Wallet’ tab, then ‘Locals Program.’ From there you’ll see a ‘Apply to join Locals Fund’ button. We will then review your submission and let you know if you are successful in joining our franki Locals Fund. Please note that there is a waiting list, and we will get back to you ASAP.

Frequently Asked Questions

At the end of each month, franki Locals who have earned rewards will be credited straight into their franki Wallet, which can be directly linked to a bank account. This makes it simple and easy to cash out directly into their preferred account. Ongoing reports of those earnings will be shown in-app. Important to note: we may not be able to connect to all bank accounts, credit unions in particular, as this is facilitated by a secured third party called Plaid.

Once you have met the minimum requirements outlined above, our team will review your submission, then we will reach out if you are successful in being selected. Although we would like to let everyone join, we have a limited number of spots available within the Fund. We do our best to choose the users who have best met, or gone above and beyond, the minimum requirements and have shown to uphold the values of our franki Locals community.

Once accepted into the Locals Fund you are rewarded for the following things:

  • Each helpful video that you post of a local business.
  • The engagement your content gets including; likes, comments, and shares.
  • The community you build i.e. you are rewarded for each new follower you gain.
  • The new users you drive through your invite friends link.
  • Responses to recommendation requests through Ask a Local.
  • A percentage of the purchase a user makes from your recommendation.

GiGs: GiGs are fun one-off ways to win money by rewarding you for trying new spots and sharing the experience, or showing off one of your favorites! Just follow the rules, and you’ll have a chance to win prizes! To find GiGs…

  • Go to the Search tab
  • Click on Offers
  • Pick your GiG!

Competitions: We regularly develop new competitions for the franki Locals to participate in. Everything from inviting friends to posting content to showing us your favorite holiday spots! In the past, winners have been awarded with everything from Michelin-starred dinners to gift certificates for restaurants of their choice.