Video Experiences

Video Experiences and how they’re making traditional reviews a thing of the past.

Reviews have always helped diners choose restaurants, but the traditional review format is waning. Find out how franki’s video experiences can lift you to the next level, harnessing the realism of video to share genuine experiences with potential customers.

Customers are warily making their way back to restaurants after feeling starved for personal interaction over the past couple of years. That desire for connection is an opportunity for restaurants who can appeal to it effectively.

The personal touch recognizes that guests choose restaurants based on word of mouth. In fact, research from TouchBistro suggests 91% of diners choose eateries based on friends’ recommendations. By the same token, almost three-quarters of potential customers avoid eating places based on negative feedback from peers.

Word of Mouth Now Comes in Various Forms

Word of mouth now comes in various forms in our connected culture. Having adopted so much online interaction in so many aspects of their lives, restaurant-goers routinely share impressions of eateries through social media.

At the same time, diners are now jaded about conventional online reviews. They’ve become more social media savvy, and they’ve encountered disinformation and trolling in all kinds of online forums.

Whether it’s a glowing endorsement on Yelp or a disgruntled rant on TripAdvisor, most potential customers dismiss reviews in traditional formats. Good, bad or indifferent, they suspect these reviews have a hidden agenda or perhaps the writer was just having an especially good or bad day.

On top of that, frequent diners realize that anybody can set up a Google or other online account and post any content that pops into their head. They can even make up a review out of thin air without ever having darkened the door of your restaurant. Why would anyone want to do that? Who knows? It’s social media!

Unreliable reviews aren’t always so mean-spirited. Columnist Marty Rubin quipped that “some people have such good taste they can’t enjoy anything.” Other people are so agreeable they give every venue five stars regardless of how staff treat them.

Video Experiences help our different backgrounds shine through. We All Come from Different Backgrounds and Experiences

We all come from different backgrounds and experiences. Those backgrounds lead to different preferences and expectations. That range of taste creates the opportunity for differentiation in the food service industry.

The challenge for restaurant owners and marketers is to find ways to restore that personal touch to online, word-of-mouth promotion. Given today’s online cynicism, they need to do this credibly.

franki resolves this dilemma by enabling restaurant-goers to post video-based experiences recommendations. Video is the ideal medium to give potential restaurant-goers an intimate but accurate impression of the look and feel of your specific space and staff.

Viewers of franki’s video experiences recommendations see and hear what your dining experience is like directly. On that basis, they choose for themselves based on how they respond to your atmosphere, not on the subjective impressions of others.

With today’s information overload, lacklustre text-based restaurant reviews are everywhere. That, along with their limited credibility, makes them easy to skim past, overlook or ignore. franki’s video experiences will get your location noticed in that dull landscape, giving you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Be Judged by Your Restaurant’s Real-Life Atmosphere

With franki’s video experiences, you get to stand on your own two feet as an entrepreneur. You’re not subject to the whims of some random customer’s skewed impressions. You’ll be judged by the real-life atmosphere you’ve put all that effort into creating and fostering.

Trust is the foundation of every business transaction. franki is now the trusted friend of shrewd diners, who know what they like. 

Users on franki follow their trusted friends and other engaged restaurant-goers. People with similar tastes gravitate toward one another and word gets around. Consumers visit franki for one reason. They’re looking for a place to eat, drink and have a good time.

There’s an old saying in marketing, “Show, don’t tell.” franki’s video experiences are the ultimate medium to make the most of that time-tested storytelling principle to promote your restaurant.

You’ve devoted incalculable time, effort and commitment to building a business, and you offer a great dining experience. Why not use franki’s video experiences to showcase your achievement in your neighborhood and around the world?